Do I really need to make a reservation online? Or can I just show up to your field?

Due to Base regulations, we require all of our parties to be scheduled online and have waivers signed no later than one week in advance of your party. This is to ensure that everybody in your group has base access on the day of your party.

If you don't make a reservation but go on our website and fill out a waiver anyway, Splat Zone will not receive your information since it's not connected to a reserved party. This will result in you and your group being unable to get onto the base on the day of your party.

Even if you do have base access and show up at our field without a reservation, it is unlikely that we will be able to allow your group to play since our schedule is usually very full. Therefore it is highly unlikely that we would have any openings available for an unplanned group.

You can click here for a direct link to our party reservation page.