How do I get to your field?

It is extremely important to follow the directions below INSTEAD OF putting our address into your GPS. Using a GPS will only get you lost since our address is not yet located on most GPS software systems.

To get to our field, get onto I-20 and take exit 23, which is the Industrial Drive exit. If you are coming from Shreveport, turn right off the exit. If you are coming from east of Bossier, turn left off the exit.

Almost immediately you will see a gas station on your left. Turn left immediately after that gas station and go over the railroad tracks. Follow that road and that will take you directly to the East Gate. Tell the guard at the gate you are here to play paintball and you are on the EAL security list. Do NOT tell them you are here for a "birthday party" because the Base does not make security lists for those, and they will not let you onto the Base.

Once the guard lets you through the gate, turn left onto the main road and drive 1.2 miles. You will see a road on your left with a military gas station on the corner. Turn left onto this road (there will no road name sign, but it's the only road you can turn left on). After you turn left onto that road, drive for 2 miles and start slowing down. Look on your left for a brown sign that says Clear Lake Park.This is where we are located. You can pull into the park and park your vehicle anywhere along the side of the road.

Once you arrive, you will be greeted by a Splat Zone employee. You will be directed to your assigned tables and we will start your party at the scheduled time.